Camps & Classes

All year round, San Antonio kids can experience FUNdamental learning in any of our summer camps and after school classes.

What sets us apart from other technology camps?

  • Each child is provided with his or her own computer and/or robot to work on during the summer camps and after school classes.
  • Students receive both individual and small group instruction from our well qualified staff.
  • We have small classes – our classes average 10-12 kids per instructor.
  • We capitalize on sneaky learning.  Your children will think they’re playing a game and having fun with their friends when in reality they’ll be learning basic coding, logic, problem-solving, and building a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Amparo M, San Antonio Parent – “(my son) absolutely LOVED your camps.  I had never seen him so happy to go somewhere to learn!”  June 2014 and July 2015

Our curricula:

Makey Engineering
Across the nation, Maker Education is exciting young minds about hands-on engineering.  Our students move out from behind their desks to work together building room-sized computer projects, exercising their spatial reasoning, and problem solving skills.  We introduce students to Makey Makey, a wildly popular tool that turns almost anything into a computer input.  Your kids learn while exploring the connections between technology, creativity, and fun.  Don’t miss the global maker movement.
Video Game Creation—Beginner & Advanced
Sneaky learning at its best! Capitalize on your kids’ love for video games by letting them build their own. Their imagination is the limit to what they achieve as they use GameMaker Studio™ software to create video games they can play on their computers without any special software. We use drag and drop programming to create exciting and professional looking games that they can take home and play with friends and family. There are two beginner camps.  One creates a flying game where the player destroys whatever targets they choose.  The other is a space side scroller with a timer that makes everything blow up.  The advanced class introduces typed coding while making Angry Cats (think Angry Birds™ for cats).
Stop Motion Animated Movie Making
Turn dreams into reality using stop-motion animation and digital post-production editing to create LEGO® movies. Students incorporate special effects (video and sound) enabling them to experience the overall movie making adventure, all while reinforcing key writing concepts such as introductions, author’s purpose, main ideas, etc. The script is up to their imagination.  Students will take their movies home to share with friends and family.  (Many campers take this class over and over again – each time creating bigger and better movie productions.)
Arduino Robotics
Welcome to Serious Circuits, an introduction to Robotic Engineering that provides an understanding of basic circuit design and the programming behind it. Is your child curious about how things work? Do your children like building things? This class lays the foundation for them to explore and experiment long after they finish with us. The students get their own Arduino uno and a breadboard to design circuits (for use in class). They will go from using simple resistors and LEDs to building an entire BATTLE-BOT! Students will learn about voltage, amperage, frequencies, capacitance, and resistance. This is a strong introduction to the FUNdamental world of STEM, with an emphasis on fun.
Minecraft™ Machinery (Level 1), Coding in Minecraft™ (Level 1), More Minecraft™ (Level 2), & Modding Minecraft™ (Level 3)
Explore the amazing world of MineCraft™ while learning about engineering and problem solving. Your kids will elevate their game from digging and placing blocks to building complex traps and machines using logic circuitry.  Programming robots to harvest resources and build structures will introduce basic programming.  The Level 2 class delves deeper into both the coding and the logic circuitry with redstone.  The Modding class uses java to teach older kids how to make their own mod with unique weapons and NPCs.  We harness the powerful appeal of MineCraft™ to introduce programming and logic.  Your kids will think they’re playing a game, but you know better.

*Coding in Minecraft™ is the same type of class as Minecraft™ Machinery, just with many new codes and contraptions for our returning customers to enjoy

LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Robotics Engineering—Beginner & Advanced
Do your children love LEGO® bricks? Do they like to problem solve? Do robots excite them? Then this is your program. The new EV3 MIndstorms® kits have arrived and we have them! These exciting robotics classes combine the fun of building robots with the ability to program them to do what you want. No experience is required. Students will learn about if/then logic, loops, and other basic programming tools while having tons of fun. If you want your child to embrace STEM, choose this path.
Kodu Programming
Ever want to build your own racing game? Microsoft’s Kodu is a visual programming language used to create video games. Students learn the basics of 3D level design by creating a variety of race tracks, and learn how to code the precision movement systems for player- and computer-controlled racers. When skill behind the wheel isn’t enough, students create power-ups to stun their opponents–ray guns, land mines, force fields, and more This course build skills by challenging children to analyze a problem and structure their solution. Come learn a new way to create your own video game.




*Robots are for use by students in class only. The robots are expensive, and students will not be able to take them home. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies and does not sponsor, authorize nor endorse Bits, Bytes, & Bots. Minecraft™, Mojang™, Blender™, Microsoft®, and YoYo Games™ also do not sponsor nor endorse Bits, Bytes, & Bots.*