SA Live

Bits, Bytes, & Bots of San Antonio is excited to bring this proven technology based educational success to San Antonio.  After 20 years of service, many of those as a combat aviator for the US Air Force, there is one thing the owner knows: our country needs smart leaders with STEM backgrounds.  We want your kids learning how to meet tomorrow’s needs while playing games today.

Our Vision: Students throughout San Antonio will hunger for STEM knowledge and learning.  They will develop a love for technology, programming, coding, robotics, math and sciences at an early age. Their passion for video games and playing with friends will converge with new skills creating an insatiable appetite for STEM learning.

Privacy Policy – Bits, Bytes, & Bots of San Antonio values the privacy of its clients and their children.  Personal information such as physical addresses and the child’s birthdate will be kept confidential.  Parents wishing not to provide any information via the internet can still enroll their children by making special arrangements with the owner.  Contact us at 210.745.8123 to make such arrangements.