Fall 2020

Welcome back everyone! We hope you’re keeping safe. We know some of you were disappointed that we didn’t have summer camps but we felt it was in everyone’s best interest. But now we’re back.

We’re offering 3 virtual classes this fall:

3D Video Game Making w/Kodu
Stop Motion Movie Magic
EXTREMEly Engineering


We’re offering all three of these through Comal ISD, North East ISD, and Northside ISD beginning mid September. You can register for those through the school districts.

(We’ll probably offer the same classes again later towards Thanksgiving.)

In September you’ll be able to PAY YOUR SUPPLY FEES HERE.

Please find the class descriptions on the next tab. Our classes will be pre-recorded videos (send out weekly) along with an optional weekly chat session. Additional class requirements:

3D Video Game Making with Kodu.

Microsoft created this program. It can not be run on Apple computers. We recommend downloading the software directly from the Microsoft store (you can also see all the computer requirements) here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10056

Please note: The students will need a second device (phone, tablet, or second laptop) to watch the video lesson while they’re building the projects on the non-Apple computer.

Stop Motion Movie Magic

This class is going to use a phone/tablet. The kids need a second device/laptop to watch the instruction video whilst following along with the pre-recorded video lesson. In addition to that the parents need to provide the following items:

Play Doh/Clay

A bag of candy (for the last day)

Dollar grease board

4 LEGO Minifigs/similar size toys

Dollar tri-fold cardboard backdrop

aluminum foil


EXTREMEly Engineering

$29 Supply fee includes a pack of motors, battery packs, PVC pipes, 10 syringes, tubing, etc

In order to keep down costs, we’re asking parents to provide the following items that we feel might already be found around the house:

2L Bottle (empty)

4 x AA Batteries

2 x 9V Batteries

Fun Tak


1 Disposable cup

50 regular (non jumbo) craftsticks (colored is optional)

2 disposable aluminum trays (1/2″ deep)

Cardboard (empty tissue box is suggested)